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About us

Hi, my name is Wayne van Dalsum. I invented the TYGaligner® because I had tried everything to fix my slice, and nothing worked. My pro had great tips, but I wasn't able to integrate them into my swing without things just getting worse. I got so frustrated, I almost gave up the game. I just kept slicing balls into the forest or the lake or into groups of golfers on the neighbouring fairway. I couldn't get my handicap down below 25 because I lost so many balls. 

One year after making this device, my handicap was 11. Seriously. And I saw so many golfers with the same problem that I patented the device and gave it a name and now people from all over are telling me about how the TYGaligner® changed the game for them. They aren't searching for lost balls as much anymore, which is speeding up play, so even people who don't have one are happy the TYGaligner® 

exists. Clubs are using it as a prize in tournaments. Established pros are using the TYGaligner®. Ordinary amateurs are shaping draws and fades and buying more expensive balls because they aren't afraid of losing so many of them.  

So, good news all-round.

Any questions about the TYGaligner®? 


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