What golf players say about the TYGaligner® 

The golf training device that will fix your slice in minutes, and keep it fixed! With the TYGaligner you need never slice

"I was the king of the range, but my nerves always used to get the best of me when I started my round and suddenly what was so easy on the warm-up just went out the window. My wife got sick of my complaining about it and got me a TYGaligner®. I now use it to hit the last couple of shots on the range before heading to the first tee, and although I still get nervous, I know I'm gonna hit the ball straight, because I can see the correct swing arc right there on the grass in front of me. It's brilliant." 
Thomas, Germany

the TYGaligner shows you how to hit the golf ball straight

"The whole game changes when you're hitting your second shot from the fairway all the time. You can focus all your practicing on hitting irons into the green. And then the pars and birdies start happening. All because a few swings with the TYGaligner® has me driving the ball straight."
Helena, Sweden

You can also use the TYGaligner to learn how to hit a draw, and how to hit a fade, and to eliminate first-tee jitters.

"All my life I have sliced the golf ball off the tee. Now, within days, I hit it straight thanks to the TYGaligner®. It's unfathomable to me how driving the ball straight is so easy with the TYGaligner®. Why wasn't this thing around 20 years ago?"
Grant, New Zealand

The TYGaligner® in the press

At Think Your Golf we are happy to announce that the major German golf monthly "Golf Magazin" featured the TYGaligner® in its January '22 issue with a really cool article by Stefan Maiwald.

The TYGaligner® was also reviewd in the October issue 2022 of Simplygolf.at. Read the article: here