This is the TYGaligner®

It will help you fix your slice fast, teach you how to hit a draw and a fade and hold on to your tee when you're practicing on the driving range. 

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Fix your slice with the TYGaligner®

The golf training device that will help you fix your slice in minutes, and keep it fixed! With the TYGaligner® you need never slice the ball again. For about the price of a lesson with your pro, the TYGaligner® shows you how to hit the golf ball straight, without demanding big changes to your swing. And because it is so small and light, it can always be in your bag to make sure you never lose the perfect swing arc, or if you do, you can find it again fast.

You can also use the TYGaligner® to learn how to hit a draw, and how to hit a fade, and to eliminate first-tee jitters. Just a few swings with the TYGaligner® on the range before you start your round will rid you of your slice and have you hitting the fairway off the tee with astonishing regularity.